Mulberry Silk Helps Prevent Allergic Reactions

Mulberry Silk Helps Prevent Allergic Reactions

Do you suffer with allergies? 

Mulberry silk is not only beautiful and comfortable to sleep on, it also has hypoallergenic qualities. Double bang for your buck.
Heres why investing in a Mulberry silk pillowcase can help prevent allergic reactions, helping you achieve better sleep and cut down on allergic attacks.

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, it contains a natural protein called Sericin that helps reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Microbes, dust mites, and other microparticles can thrive in your bed. 
Not exactly the company you want when you’re trying to get a good nights rest. 
Anyone with allergies will know all too well that these things are the primary trigger for their allergies. 
So with that, stopping them from occupying your bed is an important move in order to decrease your allergic attacks. 

Using a Mulberry silk pillowcase is your first line of defence in helping to reduce allergic reactions. 

Here we delve under the microscope and it gets a little bit gross.
The droppings from dust mites contain enzymes which the mites use to digest skin dust, which your body regularly sheds.
It’s these nasty little buggers that play the biggest part in triggering asthma and other allergic issues. 
These nasty little buggers thrive under certain conditions and when you use a Mulberry silk pillowcase it prevents them from building up and causing the issues which lead to allergic reactions.

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to these dust mites.

Using a Mulberry silk pillowcase is starting to sound like a no-brainer right?
Still it gets better.
Mulberry silk is 100% natural, meaning it is never treated with harsh chemicals.
Mulberry silk threads are incredibly soft on their own so they do not require undergoing harsh chemical treatment like most synthetic and cheaper silk versions.

All dyes used in our products are certified non toxic meaning you can rest easy knowing you’re using the best to help ensure your best nights sleep.

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Allergic to mulberry tree so will I have reaction using mulberry silk pillowcase?


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