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About us - Sioda Hair


Our Mission:

The Síoda mission is to provide products that make your hair, strong, healthy and shiny.
All the while being functional for everyday use.
Síoda is the Irish word for silk, silk is strong and lustrous, shiny and beautiful, exactly what our products help your hair to be.
Our products protect and help to strengthen and maintain your hair helping it stay healthy and preventing unnecessary breakage, while at the same time looking stylish and beautiful.  Look good, feel good.
When you purchase our products you’re investing in your hair and image and ensuring your hair can be the best it can be. When your hair looks good you feel good. Our aim is to provide you with the best products (and product knowledge) to make your hair the best it can be and have you feeling your best. 
Healthy hair = happy hair. Happy hair = happy you.
We all know how good and happy we feel when our hair looks good, good hair brings confidence. 
When you purchase Síoda products you can be confident you’re helping your hair to be the best it can be. 
All of our products are of the highest quality fabrics and craft, only the best for the best. 
Welcome to the Silky Club
girl wearing silk scrunchies in hair and on wrist, looking at beautiful view