Is a silk pillowcase beneficial to my hair and skin health?

Is a silk pillowcase beneficial to my hair and skin health?

Can a silk pillowcase really help you to have smoother skin and better hair?

YES! Sing it from the rooftops, let the people know. 

Silk pillowcases really do have a positive influence on hair and skin health and seeing as every person spends on average 26 years of their life in bed asleep with their head on a pillow, a silk pillowcase is a excellent investment.

Let’s start with the benefits a silk pillowcase can have on your hair because for us at Sioda Hair, we are all about healthy hair.

Benefits For Hair

1. Help prevent frizz

Thanks to Mulberry silks super smooth texture (all Sioda Hair silk products are 100% Mulberry silk), hair can lie and move against it without any friction.

Friction = bed head.

Regular cotton pillowcases will ruffle your hair up causing unnecessary friction which leads to bed head.
Bed head is dehydrated tangled hair, tangled hair needs to be de tangled by brushing it and over brushing can lead to even more damage. 
It’s a slippery slope of damage on a regular basis without the right nighttime care for your hair.

2. Helps to keep hair healthy

Silk pillowcases help to keep your hair hydrated.
Regular cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your hair and scalp, dehydrating it, meaning any friction against your hair will be more abrasive. Over time this can lead to damage and breakage. 
Silk does not absorb moisture from your hair leaving your tresses hydrated and damage free. 
A silk pillowcase is absolutely key for anyone with dry hair or a flaky scalp. 

3. Helps prevent split ends.

The smooth frictionless texture of silk will prevent tangles and frizz.
When your hair is tangled it needs to be brushed. Over-brushing and incorrect brushing are a major factor in causing split ends. 
Sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night is a great way to help prevent split ends. 


Benefit To Skin

1. Helps prevent wrinkles
Sleeping on the smooth surface of a silk pillowcase can help prevent wrinkles unlike the rougher texture of a cotton pillowcase.

Friction from tossing and turning can cause creases in the skin but a silk pillowcase can reduce the effects

2. Helps keep your skin hydrated
As silks ability to absorb is only minor it won’t absorb moisture from your skin like cotton would meaning a silk pillowcase won’t dehydrate your skin like hyper absorbent cotton would.
Hydrated skin = healthy skin
Silk pillowcases can be especially beneficial for anyone who suffers with dry skin.

3. Silk pillowcases are anti aging
Silk pillow cases can decrease the chance of wrinkles and improve skin hydration

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